MadeBySloan is a full service custom manufacturing, 3D printing and graphic design shop in Edmonton, Alberta. We know you have big ideas and we want to help you create them. With our expertise and readily available tools we can provide you with all the creative services you need to make your dreams a reality. Come into our collaborative workspace to see all we have to offer and get your project started. 


Lucas Sloan - Founder & 3D Wizard

Lucas has a broad post secondary background in computer sciences, programming, 3D design and Marketing. He is also an A+ certified hardware and software computer technician. With these skills he is able to design, model and produce products from concept to reality. Lucas has launched many of his own products and now uses his experience in product design, hardware integration and online marketing to bring clients ideas to life. 


Emily Ahlf - Support Sidekick

Emily has spent years in customer service while developing her artistic eye, MadeBySloan has allowed her to unleash her creative side while building her technical skills. 


David Sloan - Technology Master

David has been an essential member of our team for hardware development and computer/webprogramming. David has completed his BSc in Computer Engineering, and is working towards his PhD in Computer Engineering. Without him, systems like custom logic and animated projects would not be possible.