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MadeBySloan is a custom manufacturing,  shop in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. What started as two brothers making nerdy gadgets in the spare bedroom of their fourth floor condo has grown into a company that has shipped thousands of custom products all over the world. Today we specialize in motion control and lighting projects intended to catch the publics eye. From flame throwers to face mounted LED screens, we love to make the crazy ideas a reality.


Lucas Sloan - Founder &
Professional Nerd

Lucas has a broad post secondary background in computer sciences, 3D design and Marketing. With these skills he is able to design, model and produce products from concept to reality. Lucas has lead 4 kickstarter projects and worked support roles on two other international product launch campaigns. In recent years he has focused on adding custom printed circuits and lighting skills/capabilities. Recent projects have appeared internationally on television programs and have been worn by DJ's in music videos and durring live performances all over North America.


Emily Ahlf - The Management 

Emily keeps the show running, the boat floating, the lights on and every other metaphor that means that the rest of us can wake up the next day and do it all again. You can't enter a room at the shop without seeing something she has been a part of creating. Emily is a skilled maker and brings her knowledge, experience and time management to the team for the betterment of everyone nearby.


David Sloan - Technology Master

When someone has an extremely technical problem that seems to have no solution, just ask David. He has his PhD in computer engineering but loves light up shiny objects as much as any basic nerd. David is the brain behind our custom LED driving software and is a master at making wildly diverse machines and technologies talk nicely to each other.

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