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I was born into a family that valued massage. As long as I can remember, massage was a part of my life.

Early on, I developed a strong interest in anatomy and posture and how the different body parts work together.

I started my study in massage before I finished high school by taking a correspondence course in “Anatomy and Physiology” and practicing massage techniques on countless volunteers. 

I enrolled at MaKami College and completed their 3000 hour course in 2014. After graduation, I soon developed my own personal approach that focused on understanding and educating my clients on the strains and stresses that make each client unique and developed programs that would help them find balance in their day-to-day actvites. I continue to learn and grow my practice with this in mind. I love the way that holistic treatments can help us reconnect our bodies and minds.

I believe that massage is a very valuable component in everyone’s health care routine. No matter your age, a good massage program helps you to build an awareness of what proper alignment and relaxation feel like and what can be done when problems arise. 


Where to Find ME

I am proud to be part of the

Therapeutic Body Concept team on the west side of Edmonton.

Click below to book a treatment.

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Skip the wait!

Get in touch, ask questions, get informed, it's as easy as that. 

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Massage isn't all I do. 

Although massage therapy is

my passion + my career

I am also a part-time farmer, as such during the warmer months, I am up north every couple of weeks. 

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