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about me

My name is Emily, massage has been huge part of my life from early on.

Starting back in 2006 I got my first massage table, and what started as a hobby turned into a career.

In 2013 when I attended Makiami College and completed their 3000hr course.

Over the last decade my practice has evolved, expanding my knowledge and skills in therapeutic rehabilitation, abdominal and pelvic massage and somatic therapy.

This has allowed me to focus on postural assessments and improved range of motion, helping my clients feel better while growing their own understanding and connection with their bodies.

I love what I do and feel honored to work so many amazing people. 


clinic life

I am proud to be part of 

Therapeutic Body Concept's High Park  team.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

Click below to book a treatment.

It's a piece of cake!


home based

I am thrilled to be able to see my amazing clients at home.

Thursdays and by appointment.

Text 780.668.4810

follow along

Follow along and stay up to date.


Social media is a wonderful way to keep you all informed about the latest goings on at Zest Wellness.

schedule openings, room updates and the occasional shenanigan.  

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