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Helmets &

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Wearables are a specific passion for us - backpacks, gloves, unitards and of course helmets. We have created over 75 helmets over the past 5 years. Although most of these are production helmets sold to consumers, we have created fully animated reproductions from video games, even sourcing files from the game designers to achieve absolute accuracy. We've produced fully custom DJ helmets, some of which have performed at world stage events such as EDC in Las Vegas.

We have the tools, skills and experience to design, manufacture and program custom fitted one-of-a-kind wearables that won't soon be forgotten.

We are one of the few facilities equipped to 3D scan, model and print structures, while also designing and populating 3D organic geometry circuit boards in-house. This enables us to create lighting solutions that contour to the shape of the wearable and can be transparent for applications where the lighting covers the wearers face.

etsy banner_edited.jpg
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