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3D Printing 

We were early to the 3D printing game. Since 2013 we have been 3D printing in-house. Originally we kept the machines busy printing customer files. These days, our internal jobs give them steady work. Along with our recent 3D scanning capability, we can now scan real world measurements of objects and people to ensure accurate fitment. We have FDM and SLA 3D printing in-house, and access to SLS, LMS and MJF technologies when the need arrises.

Screen Shot 2022-01-07 at 12.31.21 AM.png

Laser Cutting

Lasers were our first love. Since 2012 we have had laser cutting capability in house. Our current machine is one of the largest high accuracy and high speed engraving machines on the market. Our current machine has 6 times more cutting area than we started with, and twice the power. This crazy thing is used primarily to make diffusing panels for lighting, engraving custom parts and prepare materials for other processes such as lens forming. We do provide laser cutting services to local business and individuals who understand the design process and come prepared with cut-ready files.


PCB Population

Our pick and place machine is a relatively new addition to our shop and has already placed hundreds of thousands of parts. This machine is what enables us to produce our most ambition lighting solutions. He is able to populate a single board with components from over 50 sources, at a speed of over 8,000 parts per hour. He is one of our favourite tools, and enables some of the most impressive results. 

Screen Shot 2022-01-07 at 12.19.53 AM.png

Vacuum Forming

After 3D printing a buck (vacuum mold) and laser cutting the material to size, our vacuum former allows us to heat, stretch and "pull" a sheet of material into the shape of the mold. This is mostly used for the production of optically clear lenses of complex geometries for helmets and other lighting solutions. It is also a cost effective way to reproduce thin parts quickly.


Thermal Imaging

When lighting solutions are being worn by a mere mortal, airflow and thermal management can't be left to chance. Our team has experience creating systems that aren't just visually impressive, but also safe to wear. Thermal imaging is one of the in-house tools we use to analyze prototypes and products to ensure important details aren't overlooked.

Is that all?

Aside from our specialized equipment, our shop and team have capabilities in various disciplines such as: programming; software development; design; large format printing; 3D modelling; metal working; welding and much more.

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